Tekforutne India IT Consulting Services

Talent & Staffing Solutions

As a leading IT solution provider, we offer Talent & Staffing Solutions and ensure that it is tailor-made to let you cope with fluctuating factors like cost, risk, time, control and expertise, etc. Our IT Talent & Staffing solutions packages are made to keep your business agile and help you stay ahead of the competition.

  1. IT Staff Augmentation– Sometimes, your company may need more skilled IT Staffing in departments like networking, IT security, and accounting. We offer skilled, reliable IT staff for any business needs, for interim and long term basis.
  2. Permanent Recruitment- You may have a requirement for highly specialized niche technically skilled IT Personnel on your roll. What we do differently is maintain a pool of such skilled profiles and tap into this pool whenever the need arises. With this pool, as a top IT solution provider, we match skilled and apt candidates for permanent IT staffing needs.
  3. Hire – Train – Deploy – To execute certain IT projects in your company; you may need to deploy people who are well versed in that project and are comfortable in the work environment from day 1. Hire-Train-Deploy offers just that.
  4. Executive Hiring- To ensure all your IT related processes run smoothly, hiring the tech experts will not be enough! You will need a handful of employees with a robust background in management and expertise in IT team handling. That is where our Executive Hiring package fits in. Connect with us for candidates with expertise in IT project and workflow management.