Managed Services

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IT Consultancy

We offer IT consulting services that will help you improve your software architecture, create a tech-driven digital strategy, and improve operations by optimizing your software portfolio.

Cyber Security & GRC

Team Tekfortune can help you seamlessly meet your demand for the growing number of cyber-security experts needed to keep your data safe from crime and privacy risk.

Program & Project Management

We understand your need for program and project management—to organize resources and drive activities to improve performance and to guide your overall priorities and planning for business results.


Tekfortune’s innovative IT infrastructure management solutions streamline remote management of network, server, and power infrastructure ensuring business continuity, and secure and reliable access.

Our Managed Services

Tekfortune IT India Pvt Ltd has expertise in offering Managed Services, and that covers infrastructure, security, and application in IT services-

Network, Security & Storage Management

As your company grows, managing IT security, networking, and data storage become cumbersome. You need reliable and skilled staff to handle these crucial operations. Try our IT outsourcing services to ensure these are taken care of.

Data Centre Services

Running and maintaining the data center of your company needs a very high-security protocol to be maintained. From security to backup, everything needs to be error-free. Typical IT staffing companies in India may not fit the bill. Count on us for Datacenter management, anywhere.

Application Management & Maintenance

Apps for everything whether the convenience of transaction or maintenance of records or tracking staff and inventory. Experts can design, develop and maintain apps with the latest UI/UX features to cater to your business needs. Apps can be developed and maintained by your organization through contingent workforce or what we commonly call temporary IT Staffing.

End-User Support Services

Typically, the companies making software, gadgets, and networking products and solutions need to offer support to the end-users. It makes sense to outsource this task to skilled staff who can support you on Voice and Nonvoice services. Rely on our IT outsourcing services to ensure the supply of apt end-user support staff.